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This is your forum! s: [ 1 ] 2. Author Topic: Bad Boy Read times. Biggreen Peahi Status Posts: This may not be of that much interest, but for me, it was a great laugh.

My age 40

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I have gone 'round and 'round on this now.

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Some of the short lines make good mowers, but at trade in time or sale time you just cannot argue with the lasting value of that dadgum green paint! AVS Forum. The right lawnmower: a wife, who mows the lawn AND washes the cars.

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My bad boy is still up for sale! Accept Learn more…. I think he said something like that. Search forums. Good puncture proof tyres should minimise stops.

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Nice machine brotha!!!!!!! I have a Bad Boy 60" and it's top shelf in my book!

Cannondale bad boy 3 vs cube attain or other

I get that a pulley would be holding deck belts in place, but what is a spindle? Gear almost up for sale! Pirate 4x4 Forum. Flat terrain.

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Last Mower LawnSite Member. Is replacing spindle s? You must log in or register to reply here. ed Sep 3, If you treat it good it'll probably be the last mower you have to buy. Location Michigan.

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Jun 24, by motorhead ed Jan 31, It's 3 years old I think and he hasn't had one bit of trouble with it. I have over miles on it now. Thread starter Formula Start date 12 Sep But despite the fact that I'd rather have my dick stepped on as mow, there is a certain peace in the mindlessness of pushing a lawnmower. I had a couple questions and called customer service and they were great Jump to Latest Follow.

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ed 12 mo ago. That said I have converted mine to a 26er with no problems taking a 2. You are going to get alot of opinions on this dollar for dollar you will not get a better mower. Do it right the first time and be happy with a great cut.

John deere or bad boy mower

I'm thinking that the spindles that they are talking about are the "Shafts" that the blades are mounted on. And that two acres with 22" would take me basically all weekend. I'd check on parts availability. Now my shop is ' from the road, and downhill, so pretty much all you can see from the road is the roof of my shop. Lummox Full Member. All spindles will have pulleys, but not all pulleys will have spindles. These guys has build some great Bad Boys. Volcon ePowersports Forum.

Green Tractor Talk.

Bad boy renegade

Understand however, that even though I'm a blue collar country boy I have longer hair and a more liberal attitude than most in my area. I called the JD dealer back today, and they are trasfering the mower from their main location to the one up by me. If you want a bulletproof low maintenance bike then the Hyde seems to fit the bill, no oily chain to adjust and gears bad will go on for ages with little attention, like the belt drive.

s: [ 1 ] 2. JD is known for one of the better decks out there at least if looking at the Z9xx and not the MOD in that forum. I been looking at the cube for a few years and ready to take the plunge, My only real worry is would it take the abuse of boy commuting??? This may not be of that much interest, but for me, it was a great laugh. If you want something to keep for a long time, go commercial.

Last Mower said:. Surf Rig - How do you hide your keys?

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Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. There are plenty of people who commute on drop bar derailleur equipped bikes without a problem but they do require regular maintenance. Cummins Diesel Forum. I asked for an itemized list of things needed and told them do not fix the deck, I'd work on that. Members Current visitors. DarrenH Full Member. Continue with Facebook. My local TSC has one of these on clearance for a few hundred bucks off. It is an awesome machine. The only reason I bought my Scag was because I found a really good deal on it, and I still paid more than I should have.

Had it going on 4 years. Sam the Surfer Today at AM. Forum Staff View All. Foote 10'4X34", SIC Now, nothing against balding overweight boys, but the math just didn't work for me. Accept Learn more….

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Media New media New comments Search media. Nice Biggreen, you just don't get that kind of reaction or action with a Toro Z BalkanExpress said:. Pirate 4x4 Forum. Anybody have a Badboy MZ series?

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ed 8 mo ago. Eatonpcat Minister of Fire.

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A forum community dedicated to John Deere tractor owners and enthusiasts. Jun 8, by bwdbrn1. Nothing more to say other than we're looking out for another! CB1 May 01,PM. Cycleops Legendary Member. Similar thre I. The hardest part about changing spindles is getting the blades off after they've run a few years. ed Nov 1, Let it come to you.

Bad boy zero turn mowers

What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. So we have a minor standoff. Another great machine in this price range. Now, country rednecks are ubiquitous and every state has their own version, and mostly being one myself, I get it.

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Location Brussels. Jun 3, by Austen. Bad Boy Mowers? Trailered my husbands Gravely home today. Yep, the sub 10 is very nice! Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! ed Jan 8, Just bought the Bad Boy Ultra Get the overall opinion.